Oguz – Gakh tour

Oguz – Gakh tour

Oguz district is located in a picturesque and landscape corner of Azerbaijan Republic. The territory of Oguz is 1077 km2, its population is 40845 people. The district was originated in August 1930 Previously called Vartashen, since 1991 is called Oguz district. There are 33 villages in this district.

The region is bordered by the Russian Federation (Dagestan MR) from the north, Gabala from the east, Sheki in the west, and Aghdash in the south.

Around 40% covered by forests of Oguz district with extremely beautiful, unique natural beauties.

Oguz district is a truly paradise region with amazement, with emerald forests, green slopes, ice springs from dental florets, purest fountains, waterfalls, homeland of over 40 herbs.

Visit Oguz (Khalkhal waterfall) and Gakh.
• Icheri bazar" castle complex (XVI century)
• Old Gakh Bridge (XVIII century)
• Ilisu Tower (XVI—XVIII centures)
• Visit to Waterfall in "Ilisu" Natural Reserve, .
• Uludag tourism complex.

The Icheri Bazar (Qakh Fortress Wall) is located in the center of Qakh city, Azerbaijan. It was built in the first half of 18th century and was renovated by the Russians in the 19th century. The city block consists of ten brick houses and two fortress walls.

Waterfall Ilisu - The small, stone-built village of Ilisu is set in the beautiful Qaracay Valley, nicknamed Qax's 'mini-Switzerland'. It is located amid dense woods at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, under Mt. Ahvay, not far from the border with Dagestan (Russian Federation). The road itself is very scenic both for the landscape and for a 16th century bridge 2km out of the village itself. Ilisu is a small place, built around a single street who still remembers its glory days when it was the capital of an autonomous short-lived 18th century Khanate coveted by Russia. Ulu waterfalls - These are located 1 km from the village. The waterfalls are a must-see for every-one visiting Ilisu. The relatively small waterfalls are on the right-hand side of the road to Hamaja.

Old Gakh Bridge - Gakh is a district in the north-west of Azerbaijan, on the border with Georgia. The climate in the south of the district is dry subtropical and temperate in mountains. There are plenty of mountain rivers and waterfalls in this district. This region is rich in its nature. There are over 60 registered historical monuments of national and international importance in Gakh. Most of them are in near-by villages. The archeological monuments and burial mounds discovered here are evidence of bronze age settlements.