Shamakhi Tour

Shamakhi Tour

The route of North-Western Azerbaijan traverses a spectrum of scenic and climat¬ic zones from stark semi-deserts to views of mountain peaks poking above woodland foothills and fields where spring poppies add impressionistic splashes of colour.

Shamakhi is an ancient Azerbaijan city. It started in the 5th century BC. In the 9th -16th centuries it was the capital of Shirvan Empire, a residence of Shirvan Dynasty it is by right considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Orient. In the mid-18th century it used to be the center of Shamakhi Khanate. The main landmark of the city is Gulistan fortress (11th – 12th centuries) – the last refuge of Shirvan Dynasty built for the city's defense. Equally interesting are the mausoleum of Yeddi Gumbez (“Seven Domes”) with numerous burial places of Shamakhi governors, Djuma cathedral mosque (10th century, reconstructed in the 19th century), numerous ruins of the 10th– 17th centuries. Present day Shamakhi is a recognized center of winemaking and carpet weaving. Besides, it is a city of literature since it was the native land of many Azerbaijani poets. Right near Shamakhi there is an amazing place called Pirkuli famous for its snowy hills. It is probably the only place in sunny Azerbaijan where you can enjoy active winter pastime: skiing and snowboarding.

• Maraza village, visit Sufi Dervish Mousaleum Diri Baba
• Shamakhi mosque, visit to Qaleybughurd village,
• Having a brake on the coast of beautiful Shamakhi Lake
• Sis Village, Old Shirvanshah Palace Shamakhi,
• Visit to Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory


Shamakhi Observatory - Solid color intro with an image on the right side. Also this block has no paddings. Visit Shamakhi town – the old capital of Shirvanshahs´ State, excursion to: moving to Pirqulu Settlement to see observatory of the great scientist N. Tusi, where you can see one of the biggest and ancient telescopes.

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Maraza village - visit Sufi Dervish Mausoleum Diri Baba, located across from the old cemetery. For a long time, the local resident have kept the legend that there imperishable Saint Diri-Baba had been buried. However, many other legends and mystical details are connected with this landmark. Therefore, since the 17th century it attracts pilgrims and simply curious visitors.

Shamakhi Juma Mosque - The oldest and largest mosque in Azerbaijan, Shamakhi Juma, according to the legend was built in the 8th century when Shamakhi was chosen as residence by an Arabian caliph. The initial Arabian inscription on the portal of the mosque said that the mosque had constructed in 744 AD. Therefore, Shamakhi Juma is considered as one of the earliest mosques in the whole of Transcaucasia.

Sis Village, Old Shirvanshah Palace Shamakhi - Sis is a village and municipality in the Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan.